1,5 years City Plaza


As children we celebrate not only our birthdays but sometimes the halfway point to a birthday! Every day seems worthy of a celebration.
So, as we struggle together, we invite you to celebrate together the 1,5 years of City Plaza.

Saturday 28/10
Open discussion – presentation of the 1,5 years of City Plaza
Refugees staying in Plaza and solidarians will speak. We will also show videos from ex-residents of plaza.

Hip Hop Live
* Peyman Alahi (Afghanian refugee, resident at City Plaza http://www.toperiodiko.gr/peyman-elahi-ραπάροντας-από-το-αφγανιστάν-μέχρι/ )
* Mc Yinka

Read more about 1,5 years City Plaza in English and more languages here: http://solidarity2refugees.gr/15-year-city-plaza-many-languages/

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